Thessaloniki in b&w infrared, GR 2017

Locations: These wonderfully contrasted pictures were taken a couple of years ago in Thessaloniki, Greece (December 2017). The intense contrast of the infrared b&w film is offering a dark and almost hopelessly dreary vibe to the pictures.

I decided to upload these picture now because I visited Greece during the Christmas holidays once again in 2020. Last time I was there during this festive period was three (!) years ago. This year, I also had the pleasure to revisit the “Umbrellas”, a landmark in the boulevard of Thessaloniki. Designed by George Zongolopoulos in 1997, this sculpture has been photographed countless times both by tourists and locals. Especially during this pandemic, I have noticed people walking up and down this boulevard, photographing again and again this amazing artwork. Just marvel at the wonderful contrast of the umbrellas against the overcast sky of that winter evening in 2017. My best friend is modeling for me in some of the pictures, while some fishermen posed ignorantly, hence their backs on the pictures. Notice how the Christmas lights seem to hang from the sky like a carpet made of little stars. I will always cherish those holidays. Happy New Year and hopefully in the future we can travel again and you can visit and photograph the “Umbrellas”.

Minolta dynax 7000i (AF 35-105mm). Washi Z 400/135 BW Film. 24 exp, 35mm film.

⛰️The mountain meditation⛰️

I am a mountain,

tall and silent

I stand,

while seasons change

and the weather rages.


I am a mountain

steady with trees,

rocks at my core,

and water flowing at my feet.


I withstand change

and I celebrate it

when it takes over

everything around me.

But it does not affect me

– it can’t.


I am a mountain,

solid and tall,

that sits proud

for thousands of years

and will continue

standing and rooting

for more years to come.

Photo: ‘View from a mountain’. Nikon N4004s (35-70mm). Kodak Gold 200, 35mm film. Thessaloniki, March 2016. Credits to Nikos Grivas. 

Ο καστανας

Με βραχνή φωνή

στην άκρη της θάλασσας

πουλά κάστανα.


Γυμνά τα δέντρα,

φορεί λεπτό πουλόβερ

στον κρύο καιρό.


Προς τον καστανά

τα βήματά μου μετρώ

στην ζεστή φωτιά.


‘Θέλω κάστανα

για να ζεσταθώ’, λέω

‘Ορίστε’, λέει.


Αλλάζει χρώμα

κόκκινος ο ουρανός

το νέο έτος.


Photo: Thessaloniki, Greece. December 2017. Minolta Dynax 7000i, Kodak Film 200, 35mm film, 36 exp.

Thessaloniki & Eptapyrgio, GR 2014

Locations: Egnatia boulevard & Eptapyrgio (Kastra). Thessaloniki, Greece.

Pentax P30, 35mm film.



Όταν καίω τις σκιές μου
οι καπνοί είναι διάφανοι
οι φωτιές αόρατες.

Όταν καίω τις σκιές μου
όλα αλλάζουν και φθείρονται,
όλα μεταμορφώνονται
σε φως και πατρίδα.

Όταν καίω τις σκιές μου
ο κόσμος βαθαίνει
στους καθρέφτες
και στις παλιές φωτογραφίες.

Όταν καίω τις σκιές μου
από πόνο τρέμουν τα πόδια μου
και το εγώ αυτοκτονεί.

Όταν καίω τις σκιές μου
παραπατώ στο ξύλινο πάτωμα
φυλακίζω ένα δάκρυ
και φωνάζω:

«Σκιά είναι το αίτιο της σκιάς».

(Photo: Burned Wood at Seih Sou forest. Minolta dynax 7000i, Kodak 200, 35mm film, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016)


Photos taken in Greece, Summer 2016 with Minolta Dynax and Fuji Film Superia.

Thessaloniki – Khpos – Kozani – Grevena