the memory

In the deepest of space
and the strangest of thoughts
I surrender_
To what Poetry means
and the world cannot feel
I succumb_
The familiar places I’ve walked
the vast inlands
and coastlines
I cried for.
All those colorful
places in Time
What I fear I have lost
but have conquered_
And I stare out the window
to the vastness
outside of my window.
As the train is ready to depart,
I know now that my visit is over_

(Photo of the Leeuwarden train station back in 2015, Pentax P30)


On World Poetry Day

On World Poetry Day,
We read till our eyes bleed,
We stare till our scars heal,
We feel till we forget how to feel.

We blame,
the innocent,
the lost,
the souls of the past,
ourselves with a drink
at hand
we collapse
and remember
the world we left behind
before words
began to grasp our meanings.

Take those words
Smash them
Squeeze them
Remember to cry
Before we forget
We ever existed.

(Photo: Leeuwarden sunset, 2014, Canon EOS 1000D, Canon lens 35-80mm, edited via Lightroom with VscoCam.)