Before going to bed

Lights are dancing on the walls at night,

flickering shadows talk to me.

The silence is too big to handle,

it suffocates us all in.

And the writing of it,

brings the sleepless tension back.


Can the past hear my whispers?

Can it read my lines?


Dropping love in the dark

I shiver.

I wouldn’t trade this silence for the world.


The morning’s light breeze

wards off the endless thoughts.

Keeping my mind busy

is all I can think of.

Photo: Minolta Dynax 7000i (AF 35-105mm). Fujifilm Provia 100F, 35mm film. Dwingelderveld National Park, the Netherlands, September 2020.

Οταν αλλαζει ο καιρος

Όταν αλλάζει ο καιρός

οι πληγές μικραίνουν,

σχεδόν εξαφανίζονται.


Τις μικρές ώρες της νύχτας


λες και ο χρόνος δεν τις επιτρέπει

να γιάνουν.


Η θύμησή τους, τώρα ζωγραφισμένη

με ασπρόμαυρο μελάνι,

σε μπεζ φόντο,

πονά σε ανύποπτες στιγμές,

ακόμη και όταν

ο ήλιος καίει το δέρμα,

ακόμη και όταν η βροχή

λούζει το σώμα.


Ίσως στο μέλλον

να μην τις νιώθω πια,


που θα έχω νικήσει τον θάνατο.

Photo: Nikon F75 (28-100mm). Color Negative, 35 mm, ISO 800. Stadspark Groningen, the Netherlands. March 2020.

Celestial Connection

Millions of worlds apart

and thousands of words

are missing

between the space

we created for ourselves.


We stop conversations,

mute or misuse them,

while the big ice rocks fall apart,

like our lives when we refuse

to listen to ourselves.


This world is scary,

full of angry people,

but Earth remembers

and promises to color

our dreams and hopes

with gold dust extracted

from the deep, dark, daunting

place we call space.


And right into that moment

we glow furiously;

full of celestial body magic,

we dive back into the blues

and the greens of our reality,

the worlds we build

and the ones we destroy,

conquering one more day

from the eons that await us.


Photo: Livraria Lello, Porto, Spring of 2019, Portugal. Minolta Hi-Matic S, Rokkor lens, Kodak Portra, ISO 400, 35mm film.