Photography has been an important part of my everyday life for the last 6 years. Before that, it was just a way of capturing moments. I soon discovered that photography cannot be just a touristic hobby for me, but something creative, artistic and totally personal. That is why the way I see the world through a lens has changed a lot. There was a time when I took pictures that would satisfy people. Pictures that would attract many likes and shares. I feel really happy to say I escaped from this thinking and I finally take pictures I really like. I try to capture my perception of the world that surrounds me. Emotion plays a big role in my photography, but also in what I perceive as beautiful and worth capturing. I am interested in travel photography, nature, landscape, abstract, black & white, portrait, analog and hand photography. In this website I will try to show my photographic inspirations and obsessions.

I use a wide range of analog cameras (Minolta Dynax 7000i, Pentax P30, Nikon N4004s), a Canon DSLR (EOS 1000D) and a Polaroid SX-70, along with a Lomo-Instant and a variety of lenses (macro, tele, normal and wide).

Here, you will find collections of both my analog and digital photography. I always include dates of creation, location, the camera and film type, but also the editing filters/programs I used.

If you would like to use photos or photo sequences, please let me know through the contact form or send me an e-mail at vgriva53<at> The use of photographs without permission is not allowed.

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