The accidents, Leeuwarden 2014

This was the first film I ever used with an old Pentax I found in a secondhand shop. I would go on using that camera for at least 2 years. I am not sure what happened with this film, but my guess is that it wasn’t inserted properly in the beginning, resulting in some beautiful “accidents”. I was very disappointed with my first film photography attempt, however, later on, I came to love these photographs. They are truly unique and very poetic.

Locations: Vrijheidswijk and Saint Boniface church in Leeuwarden. The Netherlands, 2014.

Pentax P30, 35mm with Pentax-A 50mm F/2 SMC Lens. Kodak Gold film 200.


Flowers and Lights

Photographic session with the help of some lights, dried flowers and loads of inspiration.

Groningen, November 2017. Canon EOS 1000D, edited with VscoCam

Coffee, roses and other things

Creative Photographic Session, Leeuwarden 2014

Canon EOS 1000D, edited with VscoCam