One line a day

One line a day,

I promised myself to write,

even if it is bs.


One line a day,

to exorcize the evil spirits,

to de-demonize my heart,

to clear out the air of the room.


One line a day

might not seem enough

or good enough,

but it’s there,


engraved out of the soul’s depths.


One line a day

is all I need to start over



like an explorer in a strange land,

but this time,

I’ve been invited over

to sit and talk

with its people.


One line a day,

as I wake up at dawn,

alone in my chamber,

like a maid whose

day’s work is daunting her.


One line a day,

as I go to bed at night,

after working hard

on earning the food

that’s waiting for you on the table.


One line a day,

for the pain,

the misery,

the world around me

I can’t explain,

the clouds,

the forests,

the lakes,

the dead flowers in my yard,

the travelers,

the workers,

the family,

the friends,

the light in the morning,

the darkness at night.


One line a day

for the words buried in me,

haunting me,

and the ones that came before me.


One line a day,

for tomorrow,

our dreams

and Hope.


Photo: Walking in Stadspark, Groningen, NL. December 2018. Minolta Dynax 7000i (AF 35-105mm). Earl Grey Lomography Film 200, 35mm film.

The Ones from {2014}

{epigrams written during 2014}

The seasons are always changing. Be patient.

Take a walk and everything will look better.

Draw a picture, write something down or just doodle. It will make you smile.

Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by friends.

Sometimes, love is all you need.

Traveling is exhilarating. It is life itself.

Work is a blessing, so is relaxing.

The power of the mind is intriguing.

Art is everywhere if you have your eyes open.

Some stuff is better left unsaid.


(Photo: Lefkada, Agios Ioannis beach, 2014, Greece. Canon EOS 1000D, 35-80mm, Lightroom with VscoCam.)

The Ones From {2013}

[One for you and one for me]

Εγώ είμαι η γραμμή

της Αρχής

και του Τέλους.

Ποιητική μορφή

ζητά το κενό.

Η ανάσα σου στεγνή,

όπως τα φύλλα

στις αρχές του χειμώνα.

Χάνοντας και βρίσκοντας

την έμπνευση.

Τα παραμύθια

είναι αντανακλάσεις της ζωής

που δεν μπορείς να έχεις.

Τι και αν εγώ σταμάτησα,

η Γη ακόμη γυρίζει.

Αγάπα με

και ας σβήσουν όλα τα αστέρια.

Η ησυχία είναι γαλήνη,

είναι συνείδηση.



των ματιών σου.

Ξέχασες τα γυαλιά σου στο τραπέζι,

έχουν σπάσει από τη σιωπή.

Η ησυχία



Ξανά στην κατηφόρα,

αυτή τη φορά πιο


Όταν ο ουρανός είναι γαλάζιος,

δεν φοβάμαι τίποτα.

Μίλησέ μου για εκείνα

που δεν θα δω


Και όμως

η ζωή

είναι άγουρη.


Particles of memories

that just begin

to unravel.

A feeling

of sorrowful



(Photo: Leeuwarden sunset, 2013, The Netherlands. Canon EOS 1000D, 35-80mm, Lightroom with VscoCam. Sunset series. )

The Journey

There was once this girl,
who treasured her family and her home.
Happy and carefree she would walk,
having a simple and common life.
She never met grave pain
or thought of something new to explore.

One day she traveled, began to explore.
And saw how unique she was as a girl.
She realized that love can cause such pain,
enough to made her abandon her own home
and start an exciting and new life,
without having a lonely road to walk.

Thus, she began an unknown path to walk.
A new land she found, countless to explore.
She found a purpose in her life,
forgetting that she once was a young girl.
But she felt quick enough that home
was far away. And then came pain.

She grew lonely, shed tears of pain.
It was hard to breath, impossible to walk.
The old memories dried, so did home.
Soon the days were short, nothing to explore.
I can’t belong, said the girl,
where is the purpose I had in life?

She began to miss that distant life.
Every return to her land brought more pain.
No future seemed possible for the girl,
two paths in front of her, but none she could walk.
The love she felt was not there to explore.
Her heart was repeating,where is my home?

Countless days passed, she still had no home.
She missed everything, sun, earth and life.
But wait, outside the window I see something to explore.
I put down the pencils, the notebook, the pain,
and go out to the sun to take a walk,
forgetting for a while, the life of that girl.

Outside the house, slowly disappearing I see the pain.
It seems that through life, I learned how to walk.
Discovering, exploring the feelings of any foreign girl.

This poem is part of a university exercise
September 2016