The accidents, Leeuwarden 2014

This was the first film I ever used with an old Pentax I found in a secondhand shop. I would go on using that camera for at least 2 years. I am not sure what happened with this film, but… Continue Reading

The powerful words of rupi kaur

Rupi Kaur’s latest poetry collection, the sun and her flowers, is certainly a thick book. Thick, not in the sense of paper denseness and size, but in the sense of content. This book is so full with powerful words, that… Continue Reading

Ο καστανας

Με βραχνή φωνή στην άκρη της θάλασσας πουλά κάστανα.   Γυμνά τα δέντρα, φορεί λεπτό πουλόβερ στον κρύο καιρό.   Προς τον καστανά τα βήματά μου μετρώ στην ζεστή φωτιά.   ‘Θέλω κάστανα για να ζεσταθώ’, λέω ‘Ορίστε’, λέει.  … Continue Reading