Adventures in Madrid

Visiting Spain was in my bucket list for years, so the idea to travel to Madrid came naturally. Even if it was my first time ever in Spain, I always felt I knew the country. After all, we share similar… Continue Reading

The Trilingual Poem

  Blocked_ out of fear of comparison the moment language transforms into literal particles of the self.   Unblocked_ out of love for creation the moment language is transformed into the words of the life of tomorrow.   Patterns_ of… Continue Reading

Bourtange Fortress, Groningen, NL 2017

Bourtange is a historical village located in the Southeast of the Groningen province. It is surrounded by a star-shaped fort built in 1593 in order to control the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen during the Dutch… Continue Reading

At the window [Triptych “The Light”]

Those white moments flee out of me they fly in the sky swinging among silences. Sometimes my windows define a square prison dressed in sunlight and straight lines. The year of struggle seems vague. The moments of solitude empty. And… Continue Reading

‘The Art of Dying’ death and suicide in Sylvia Plath’s ‘Ariel’ and Anne Sexton’s ‘Live or Die’

How are death and suicide represented in selected poems in Sylvia Plath’s Ariel and Anne Sexton’s Live or Die Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton were two of the most important voices of American Confessional poetry. Their work has received much… Continue Reading